Our Goal, in MESSER 1, is to Convey a Clear and Sharp Message Through The Use of Publicity.

Messer 1 is a Public Relations agency directed by Pini Cabessa. The firm was founded in 1996, operates from Jerusalem and provides Public Relations services to companies, organizations and leading institutions in the fields of economics, business, real estate, law, politics, higher education, health and sports. The Founder of the agency, Pini Cabessa, worked as a communications consultant at the Foreign Ministry and at the Knesset.


The firm operates from Jerusalem Crowne Plaza hotel, providing PR services for local customers in Jerusalem, throughout the country, and even overseas.

Fields of activity of Messer 1

Messer 1 plans and carries out unique Public Relations activities to each of its clients. The firm specializes in fitting and timing services that are necessary to promote the customers’ activities, according to their needs based on their target audiences. Messer 1 provides services including public relations research, planning, and executing programs.

Some of the many services that the office provides include: continuous contact with various media and news media platforms, conference and event production, newspaper production for customers and employees, as well as employee training programs in the fields of public relations, publicity and communication. Among the participants of those courses are Knesset members, parliamentary assistants, managers, spokespersons of authorities and institutions, public relations agency owners and others.

PR as needed – If you are interested in a primary consultation for either specific or continuous guidance, we adapt our services according to each individual customer’s needs and budget. Our services can be utilized for an initial consultation or can extend to periodic and/or permanent use. Please contact us for more information. We would love to assist you in your endeavors.

Our Team

The agency employs Account planners to manage client portfolios, reporters, editors, former top national and local press journalists and interns from the Communications Department at the Hebrew University.

The agency hires suitable candidates for positions in the office as needed throughout the year. If interested in applying for a position, please send details and your CV .

Messer 1 won the 'Roaring Lion' prize (ISPRA), in the Technology category, for its PR campaign honoring Prof.  Dan Shechtman, winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. Watch the video.



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